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Along the ancient caravan routes of the Muslim world developed a network of communication, a strong bond of relations and a thriving exchange of goods, ideas and design. Inspired by the Silk Road, one of the most famous trade routes in the ancient world, we bring to you a collection of Indian, Middle Eastern and Central Asian designs for your home. With Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist influences, let these gorgeous elements of décor infuse a sense of tradition and timeless aesthetic to living spaces, connecting us to a world where past, present and future exist together in perfect harmony

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What Our Clients Say About Us
  •   Just wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to the entire team for your superb service and fabulous products. I am absolutely delighted with the stuff received so far particularly my gorgeous suzani cushion that I am gazing at lovingly right now!  

    Natasha Irani


  •   A perfect tool for those who like to enjoy fresh coconut water at home. This cocotwist lets you handle coconuts in a non-messy way. Take a little bit of practice but once you get the technique, you will never go wrong! A unique product. Thank you House Proud for introducing this product. Highly recommended.  

    M. Krishnamurthy


  •   The diecast cooking pans are absolutely the best. Classy look and great to use. Easily cooks daily for a family of four. It’s a real pleasure, and completely house – help proof. As tough as they get!  



  •   I love the Joseph Joseph tongs I got from House Proud. They are so easy to use while frying or barbecuing and my husband loves it too!  

    Mukta Garg


  •   What a delightful product! The fish-shaped soap dish is great quality and a cute addition to my bathroom!  

    Prajakta Goyal


  •   Thank you house proud, thanks to you guys i managed to bring a smile on someone who REALLY matters face! I love the stuff you guys have and am super proud of all that you have achieved in such a short span. May the force be with you, cheers  

    Jahnvi Obhan


  •   Being a big fan of cookery shows, I m always amazed at how many tools they use, from Nigella to Jamie, it’s the ingredients and the tools that make the food great. I was finally happy to find on House Proud all the tools we need for what I call “pleasure cooking”! I bought the Rosti Mepal Garlic Cutter which works like an absolute charm for making Italian dishes, especially Pasta Aglio Olio. It cuts the garlic in perfect fine cubed lengths. Tools do make a difference!  

    Priyanka Bhosale


  •   Tried and tested! The best collection of kitchenware is right here. Keep it coming House Proud!  

    Kripa Kotak


  •   I was initially wary of ceramic cookware because we are so used to Teflon. It takes a bit to get used to, but after the first few uses, we have moved seamlessly into ceramic coated cookware on all fronts. Its healthier and so easy to use, I don’t miss Teflon at all! Thank you House Proud for introducing me to Ceramic!  

    Nilanjana Sen


  •   Dear House Proud Team, Thank u so much for the beautiful tins i received yesterday. They are really pretty for Diwali. I am honoured by your thoughts and actions.  

    Radha Oberoi

    New Delhi

  •   Dear Houseproud, thanks very much for all the items you've delivered to my doorstep, all of them were very well packed too.  

    Kumkum Jain